Naga should never vote for congress in upcoming Manipur election (exclusively for politicos):
Introduction: Manipur is one of the most beautiful states in India where the state capital “Imphal valley” is surrounded by Naga hill like a wall with strong cultural ties among its various ethnic communities that back then people were living with peace and harmony. Geo-Politics of Manipur was fascinating but congress government had turned it very complex by politicizing common people for short term politics which challenged the integrity of the state. I have been analyzing Manipur politics for the last 10 years as I have political vision in Manipur politics and also as a concern citizen; I felt that there is need to change the rule of Congress in Manipur for the right cause. I have had experience 29 years in Manipur politics and congress had been dominated in our state by money power, militarization and insurgencies linked which every citizen will not deny the fact. Mr. Okram Ibobi Singh led congress which has been ruling for the third tenure, but there is quite visible development and peaceful life among the people of Manipur whereof more corruption and unnecessary political turmoil had taken place in the state.
Main content: The citizen of Manipur have every right to decide their future government by leaving aside all our differences; whether we want to prolong the existing suffer longer under congress rule or you/we want to correct the system on right time by giving chances to the  new government. As we know that congress have strong hold in Manipur for many year since independence and most of its ministers have two or more personal body guards by keeping Manipur as one of the highest corruption rated state in India; where they demand for illegal money from public for every post and you can’t do anything because they are strong in Manipur. However, constitution has given you rights to change the government through your voting right in the election. Thereby, the choice is yours and you have still enough time to decide carefully; whether giving vote to congress and continuing to suffer in the same system or bring changes by opening up the eyes for development, safety and security and peaceful life in our home state? We know that there are many limitation and dissatisfaction of congress rule in Manipur in my observation as under:
Political chaos (ILP): All people residing in Manipur need Inner Line Permit to control influx and protect the indigenous livelihood like Nagaland and Arunachal already have from many year back but why not Manipur? The ILP was supported by most of the tribals in the first place but the congress politicians mess up everything with their immature political strategy. Now the tribal totally opposed the ILP and the three bills which have passed in Manipur Legislative Assembly (2015) which has to take president assent. However, the possibility of hope has lost it blue colors, because they lack in political vision and they were under estimating to the tribal populist intellectuals. Tribal can buy land in valley but why not Meitei and Indian can’t buy land in the Naga hill, where the 60% of population living in 10% of land in the valley, you should logically question yourself? The tribal should not be force but they should be convinced wisely but the so called congress the ruling party mess up the opportunity. My question for congress MLAs is how can you make a law for Nagas and other tribal in against of their will? But still we can fix it because we have long way to go, politically speaking!
Economic blockade and bandh and strike: Most of the time, there were bandh and strike in Manipur for lack of political administration in the state. There is a reason for bandh and strike but ruling party just ignore it for they have no political integrity and never find a solution to end this habitual problem completely in the state. The tribal organization has a bad habit of economic blockade for their problem with government; it effect the daily life of the common citizens people in the valley but not to the ruling government and valley people were very fond of banned and strike when they have problem with the government; it effected to the student in the state, which the ruling party fails to realize even in their third term in power. Thereby we need new government to solve these issues.
Communal disharmonies: Mr. okram Ibobi singh CM and Mr. Gaikhangam DCM greatest mistake is using communal politics in the state which lead to demand for separate administration for tribal in Manipur, in my observation. It is very unfortunate to ignore the fact in politics but still we have high chances for new government to fix the broken part of the state political breakdown. They talk about Manipur integration but indirectly they are dividing the Manipur by their politics.
Indigenous people insecurities: Manipuris in valley were socially and economically insecure according to indigenous populist politicians because of rising immigration in the city. Absolutely true! If we didn’t take a right step today then tomorrow we will be suffer. What kind of security the Congress has given to the Meitei people other than corruption? Manipur citizen need social, economic and political security in the earliest, administratively speaking. In the mean time, in believe in peaceful coexistence with other communities in our state.
Corruption: Manipur is the second most corrupted states in North East in India after Assam; according to the report of the National Crimes Record Bureau 2013. Most of the government servicemen are corrupted in Manipur and there are 25 plus registered cases during the nine year period, with zero conviction and zero recovery. The Corruption is rapidly rising every year in every government offices and in all departments under congress rule; we need to fight for corruption by welcoming new government.
Lack of development, transparency and accountability: There are numbers of developments ought to be taken up in eco-friendly ways, which include infrastructures; roads, multiple ring-roads, marketing complex and mall, institutions, training centers, knowledge centre, promote state-tourism at international level, supply good quality of water and electricity 24 x 7, health care, solves employment crisis, elevate poverty problem, promoting Imphal the cleanest city in India, checking political interference  in administration is every department and improve the political resource for development. However, there is no such development in the state.  I find that there is no transparency in selecting for any government post in Manipur; the rich and the powerful people can buy the jobs with money and since they are not qualified for specific post they can’t compete with other state in term of development but they are working hard to fill their bucket illegally. And there is no transparency and accountability in all government offices under congress rule in Manipur, so far of my experience in Manipur.
Manipur Congress support AFSPA? There are certain roles to be played by the state government to repeal the AFSPA, but the ruling party fails to play their role. When the ruling party needs this law in our state for administration purpose then let’s question ourselves, do we really need this government? Manipur is no different than hell; yes, underground crates enough problems for society and on the other hand government forces instead of protecting to the civilians, but they are more dangerous for civil society in many ways under AFSPA. The best example; “Sangai Express,
IMPHAL, Oct 22: A protest demonstration was staged today at Lilong Keithel against the robbery of Rs 6 lakh off one Md Ataur Rahaman alleged by a team of commandos who also thrashed the victim black and blue…” And this kind of cases has been happening in Manipur since many year back and did Indian forces carry out illegal activities because of AFSPA? The entire citizen didn’t want this law but why the congress government didn’t support to Irom Chanu Sharma stand in against AFSPA?
Manipur integrity v/s Naga Historic Peace Accord: The so called ‘peace accord’ has nothing to do with Manipur unless it affects the Manipuri’s rights and its integrity. However, centre can fulfill the NSCN demand through constitutional meant; the center has constitutional power to withdraw the boundaries and rename the existing state under Article 3 (a) in Indian constitution. Manipur congress can’t stop that force anymore, if centre government has decided to carry out by any means, legally speaking.  However, there are high chances to protect Manipur integrity if BJP win in Manipur, because the centre will never go against the Manipur BJP stand for Manipur integrity, politically speaking. Thereby, as of now for integration, BJP Manipur is the only option to protect Manipur integration. And they can make Imphal city as world class city within 10 years because they have majority in the centre and if they have absolute majority in the state. On the other hand, Naga have every right to decide their future and we need to respect their historical right and their interest as a rational being.  I am neither a BJP supporter nor its member but I am just a concern citizen from Manipur.
Insurgencies problem in Manipur: I have researched and, I found that there are 46 insurgencies active in Manipur. The commando, police, and other security forces kill to Manipuris insurgencies vise versa for what end?  We need to analyze critically as son and daughter of Manipur. Those who are serving in commando and in insurgency are our brothers and sisters, why should we kill one another? We need a solution for this problem; those insurgencies demanding huge amount of money and disturb the daily peaceful life of the peace loving people. Many rich families exit from the state and settled in Guwahati, Bangalore and other cities not because they don’t love home-state but because of they hate gun culture in Manipur. There is a huge mistake from the part of state government for increasing the insurgencies in the Manipur state, which every Manipuri intellect need to think about before it reaches to your shoes.
In concluding part; Congress fails to represent the people in governance: India is the largest democratic country in the world in which Manipur state is a part of it.  The good part for democracy is, citizens elect their representative through multi-party system where the government changes according to wishes of the citizen and the party stays in power as long as people trusted unlike one-party system (communist and dictator system). When I analyzed time and again, by seeing disfunctioning and paralyzing the Manipur state in development and governance, we need to introspect our state by realizing how can we move forward by functioning the state through the law of the land and we/Imphal need to changed the ruling government in the Manipur because they fails to represent common citizen in many ways. The ruling government can’t perform their duties legally and can’t give safety and security for the common citizen in Manipur state anymore. The question is, did the Congress fail to represent the people? By analyzing the three term rules of congress in Manipur, we come to realized that representative government is not always a responsive government. The state government lack capacity in governance and we need to change the system at the earliest and open platform to deserving party. No offence!
Source: Kharingyo Shimrah

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