Once upon a time in a little village called Pakti in Nagaland, there lived two orphan sisters, Apeni and Wonchibeni.  Their parents had died while protecting them from a bear, and at the time Apeni was only ten years old and Wonchibeni just a nine month old toddler.
The years passed and they grew older.  One day they went out in the forest to collect flowers.  As they were picking flowers, Wonchibeni spotted some really beautiful ones, the most beautiful she had ever seen.  They were high in the top most branch of a very big tree.  Wonchibeni asked her sister to get some for her and as  she could not refuse her younger sister, Apeni climbed up to get the flowers.  After picking some she was ready to climb down, but that was when she suddenly realised that her feet had been swallowed by the tree, and she could not free herself.
As it was getting dark, Wonchibeni began to feel scared, and asked her sister to come down, but she did not.   Wonchibeni started singing a very sad and beautiful song.
A prince was hunting in that forest and he heard her song.   He came up to her and asked her what had inspired her to sing, and she explained everything to him.  The prince climbed up immediately and saw that the tree had already swallowed Apeni  upto her chest.  The prince used all his strength to pull her out and thus he managed to saved her.  The prince noticed her elegant beauty and brought her to his palace. They decided to marry and an auspicious day was chosen for the wedding.   After that they lived happily ever after.

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