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While There's Time

“Opportunities are like sunrise; If you wait too long, you miss the sunrise” quotes William Arthur Ward. Life doesn’t have to be complicated. Have fun and enjoy life. Life is a matter of choices from many opportunities you make. No matter how old you are; You can be a


"TEACHER" ~ Ningkhanrin Akhan Phungshok Fierce eye like an Eagle watch enshrines And mold with hands from clay to beauty pot. Enstore treasure of prism wonders with pen, So, knowledge and wisdom I accumulate. Nourish vastest twists in sweetest tone; With comfort I surmount in fearless walk. Not for pride nor


Could you be just a friend when deeply in love? Love'd be a lie and I a master of fake. What good a Diamond can hold inside a vault And alone spark on a billionaires chest? If a bread could suffice for us a dinner And still could smile from


"God will surely make a way Where there seems to be no way" Love and gentle hug awaits for youAnd soon, you'll be home.Soon, you'll travel home.


How Wonderfully you bloom! casting bright over the dark. Darkness has no authority to crush your light. Shining brightly all alone! Yet lonesome never bark. All the creation look up to you and their heart shines to ignite. Oh Amazing Love! How I wish I could shine like you; I

I Wish

How I wish to have wings like Hawks Flying high above the sky And dive deep rivers To be free from all worries and burdens I wish to be fed with silver-spoon So as to enjoy the luxuries of the world I wish I had a better life Rather than
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