Ramreisem R Shimray

Ramreisem R Shimray

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In the silence of the silent night, ย  When the breeze is at rest. ย  She took her last breath with all her might; ย  Eโ€™er wanting her breath to last. ย  ย  She closes her weak innocent eyes, ย  As death grip hold of her life. ย  Set forth a journey beyond the skies, ย  Neโ€™

Morung: An Ode

Amidst the land of my forefathers; Stood a Hall praised for its excellence. The whites who roam our borders; Extol it greater than theirs. A hall filled with great carvings; Of horns and skulls that fills the pillars. Decorated by those dexterous hands; The hands that are molded in such
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