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This Video of Sumi Naga Community Fishing has over 1 million views - Watch Now

Community fishing is an integral part of Naga culture. This practice doesn't wipe out even a single organism in the river. It does not affect them. It is simply a traditional practice using bark of a certain tree which is crushed and washed in the water so that fishes will

Kongliang Otsü: An Ao Naga Folk Tale

The younger sister had heard the blatant lies her older sister had told about her and could not bear the injustice of it all. So she climbed the nearest tree and transformed herself into a small bird (“kongliang”).

Dunai and Siinai (A poumai Folktale)

Long ago, there lived a family. The family had two daughters. The elder daughter was named Dunai and the younger one as Siinai. Dunai with her mother no more, she grew up as step daughter in the family.

A Timeless Love letter

“A Timeless Love letter” written by a Tangkhul Rape victim ( A publication of the Pan Manipur Youth League in 1993 – Translated to English ) Source: AFSPA 1958, CPDM 2010.
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