In this article, we will figure out what the descriptive essay is and will discuss its writing technologies and give you some writing recommendations.
The descriptive essay is one of the easiest types of work. The author needs to use some techniques while he tries to explain the topic of the essay for the reader. Below you can learn some writing tips for the perfect descriptive essay.

Before you start writing

Firstly, you need to know the aim of the descriptive essay. As it was mentioned above, the main goal is to explain the topic of the essay. You need to inform about the certain fact and reveal it using arguments. Despite the convincing essay where you have to prove your point of view, you just need to use art of seeing and describing.
Secondly, try to choose the nice topic. This subject should be quite specific. Try to explain it in a few pages, but, at the same time, without too much particularities.
Thirdly, find necessary resources. Your resources should extend the whole topic and they also have to be reliable. Traditionally, books and scientific magazines are the best resources. Scientific and other websites and articles are also not a bad choice. Some teachers assume using encyclopedias, but the information there is a bit limited and, in most cases, general.
The next step you have to do – make the research and make notes. Reread your resources and outline some facts in each of them, highlighting the main points. You can write down the number of pages where the information was taken. Also, don’t forget to write down important dates, statistic data, and quotations.
Try to figure out what it all means. Before you start writing your essay, you should formulate your own conclusions. Despite you don’t have to give the argument on such type of the essay, you still need to know what you are writing about. In the end, your topic has to be reflected in your statements.

The introduction

– You can attract the reader’s attention with the help of the effective technique. There are a lot of techniques how to do it. You can either start with the quote, the interesting fact, ask a question, or even use the anecdote;
– Provide with the additional information related to your topic. Start the introduction giving the general information that gives the reader the full image what you are going to write about;
– Highlight your thesis statement – it should be one brief sentence that outlines your topic. The thesis in the descriptive essay doesn’t have to contain any arguments or debatable points of view;
– Try to slightly open your main ideas. You can skip this step, but agree than main points which are connected with the first sentence of the paragraph, catch the reader.

The main part

– You should know before how many paragraphs your essay would contain. Usually, there are 3 paragraphs and there should be 3 statements that reveal your thesis;
– Make proofs. Imagine specific evidence which can include quotations, interviews, anecdotes;
– Analyze the importance of every main idea. Write one or two sentences and explain how the main idea supports your thesis;
– Make the conclusion and move to the next paragraph. The conclusion at the end of each paragraph should summarize the main idea.

The conclusion

– Rephrase your thesis statement. Try to display it in a clear view;
– Generalize your main ideas. Here you should summarize each statement that was written in the main part;
– Propose the main thought or call for the actions. The last sentence of your descriptive essay should contain the last residual statement of your work.
After learning some techniques of the descriptive essay writing, some students still find it difficult and just don’t want to give any try. In this case, they can simply order work at the descriptive essay service to not worsen their academic record and get a good grade.

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