Dimapur celebrated the global event ‘Earth Day’, in the most befitting and spectacular way as thousands of crowd gathered to at the Garden Supermarket to witness the blazing concert organized by the department of Forest, Nagaland.
The line up which included, Alobo Naga and the Band, Akummika, Polar lights, Dreamz Unlimited, Incipit, Metet Jamir, Moajungla, Rodeo Clowns and Colored Keys, it was more than enough of a line-up for a one concert.
The crowd which ascended to a few thousand towards the end showed the best discipline and courtesy in response to the best acts in the whole of Nagaland.
The bands one after the other gave the crowd more than they could wish for.
The surprising package was from the new face in the business, Moajungla who had created a ripple in social media sites with her cover of Dolly Parton’s evergreen hit ‘Coat of Many Colours’.
The event undoubtedly was made memorable by the ever hilarious and masters of drama Dreamz Unlimited. They just rolled out quirky Earth Day messages like hot buns which the crowd devoured with much relish gulping it down with thundering applause.
Halfway through the concert, a message on the importance of Earth Day and the meaning of the event was delivered by Minister for environment, forests and climate change, Dr. Neikiesalie (Nicky) Kire.
Department of Forest also handed out a ‘Green Pledge’ to the concert goers.
(Aneila Seyie Keretsü )

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