The Twin Effect, a new upcoming duo band based in Dimapur  has released their debut single ‘Chasing Shadows’. The duo is made up of Opang Jamir and Imkong Kichu. 
Opang Jamir is also the frontman of Avancer band and Imkong Kichu is currently pursuing music at the Jam Tree. The song ‘Chasing shadows’ as it denotes talks about chasing the shadow of a loved one gone or memories remembered. Too much to be true, we have all lost someone dear to us and can never go back in time but savour the times we had together. The song is written by Msj Ao (Official lyricist) and mixed & mastered by Avizo Solo (Official Producer).
Contributions were also made by Lima Mongro (Guitarist, ANTB), Akihito (Bassist, LOR), Yan Ngullie (Keyboardist, Avancer) and Jackto Wotsa (New Life Studio) Roko Dikha, Pino Swu and Ari Kichu.
You can listen and download the music in YouTube. You can also find them in Facebook

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