LWMESNVTQNFUKPBKXPSH_resizeNagaland recently set footprints in the international fashion arena at the Couture Fashion Week, New York,  in a first of its kind, with the Northeast India Academy of Performing Arts (NIAPA), marking their successful international debut on February 15, to a host of luminaries, dignitaries and exclusive clientele of fashion lovers from all over the world.
NIAPA’s show at the couture fashion week focused on Nagaland and the Northeastern region of India through a cultural dance based on the Naga folklore, on a larger canvas of India as a unique destination – a region rich in tradition, flush with emerald hills and shifting clouds. India prides itself as a nation of diversity, a phenomenon much spoken of yet very few experience. A diversity of religion, language, culture, food, history and features that have created a special environment where different cultures and folklores merge to create a unique blend of mysticism.
Following the success of their show in the couture fashion week, New York,19th season, NIAPA got an exclusive invitation for the upcoming three seasons till 2017, in which they will participate as the only Indian organization accepted to do an awards and cultural show of this kind at Couture Fashion Week, New York.
This New York journey began from September last with the launch of the first ever NIAPA Designer’s Award 2013 at Dimapur wherein the winner, Ikali Sukhalu, earned the “Golden Ticket” to the Big Apple, showcasing her collection “Trible Trickle” alongside, Daniel Syiem of Meghlaya and Amritraj Bora of Assam, two of India’s top designers from Northeast India. All the designers took inspiration from their own tribal heritage and added their interpretation of tribal fashion to their line. All the garments showcased at the NYCW used Eri and Muga silk in their designs, the silks indigenous to the Northeast Indian region.  The Government of Nagaland’s unique youth-centric focus on expanding opportunities for talented entrepreneurs helped showcase the creative efforts of the Northeast India Academy of Performing Arts (NIAPA)’s participation at The Couture Fashion Week in New York.
In this regard the Northeast India Academy of Performing Arts (NIAPA)   has extended their sincerest gratitude to the Government of Nagaland, for their relentless support towards helping them achieve milestones.

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