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Kohima | October 9

Naga People’s Front (NPF) President, Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu today said that his party would take over the government sooner or later.

Addressing the NPF Central Executive Council (CEC) meeting here, he said the party is reorganizing and making necessary adjustments in the functioning of the party at all levels.

“Our party is only short of 5 members to reach the magic figure,” he said, adding that the NLA now has the strongest opposition.

“There is no hurry. The only thing one has to remain cautious about are rumors spread by our political adversaries. The NDPP-BJP team is running the government. If they are only manufacturing wild rumors, forgetting their various obligations, their commitment made to the people, their responsibilities of running a welfare government, they are exposing their own true colour,” he said.

“For us, we always remain sincere to our commitment with all our partners, be it BJP, JD (U) or NCP etc. It was rather funny to see the behavior of those political parties who float along with fleeting moments,” he added.

“We have faced many serious challenges in the past but we have overcome all these problems and survived. The party in its present form is a fire-tested one. Therefore, in spite of regretting for the crisis that we faced in the past, we have now emerged as a more vibrant political party than ever before by considering all these unfortunate problems in the past as blessings in disguise,” he said.

Stating that the NPF is aware of the stability problems it faced in the past, he however affirmed that the party is now free of “trouble makers.”

NPF Legislature Party leader, TR Zeliang meanwhile said that the NDPP is not secure because of the ECI case. He added that if the NDPP is disqualified, the NPF alone can form the government in the House of 41. “But unless until it is done we require a coalition government,” he conceded.

He said that a coalition government would be possible any time but “that is not our decision.” “We will not form the coalition government unless we are confident to provide a stable government,” Zeliang added.

On the claim that 6 to 7 NPF members will join the NDPP, he questioned: “Whom they have approached. What kind of offer they had given?”

Stating that NPF will take over the government very soon, he added that the PDA government is “scared of their own shadow.”

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