KOHIMA, MARCH 28 (MExN): The Kohima Village Council (KVC) while expressing its ‘delight’ to observe that “games and sports are finally getting the recognition and attention it deserves,” has however, termed the renaming of Indira Gandhi Stadium to Dr. T. Ao Stadium as “not advisable.”
“It is indeed encouraging to see that the new Government is bringing positive changes in the fields of games and sports by introducing new Nagaland Sports Policy, Dr. T. Ao Football Academy etc. However, the Council is of the opinion that changing the name of Indira Gandhi Stadium to Dr. T. Ao Stadium is not advisable,” stated a press release from KVC Chairman, Dr Neiphi Kire and Secretary, Zeneizo Rutsa.
It maintained that there are other ways to honour someone without dishonoring the other. “After all, Late Indira Gandhi was the former Prime Minister of India.” Furthermore, it said, the foundation stone of the said stadium was laid by Rajiv Gandhi, former Prime Minister of India on October 6, 1987 and its inauguration was done on October 28, 2003 by none other than Atal Bihari Vajpayee, another Prime Minister of India.
“The foundation stone, inaugural stone are laid prominently at the entrance of the gallery for all to see. To destroy these historical monoliths physically is not a wise decision,” it stated. “Therefore, we are surprised that the Government has suddenly decided to do away with the legacy of these former Prime Ministers without consultation with the stakeholders, land owners and public leaders.”
The Council further opined that if at all the government wishes to honour late Dr. T Ao, it should establish a new stadium altogether elsewhere and not show disrespect to the country’s Prime Ministers. “Therefore, the Government must maintain status quo with regard to Indira Gandhi Stadium,” it asserted.

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