Goalpara, October 19: A wrong phone call can lead you to anywhere. In one-of-its-kind situation, one such wrong phone call “forced” a 15-year-old boy from Goalpara’s Shimalitola hepsapara to marry a widowed woman from Barpeta who according to the locals “must not be less than 60 years old”.


“He dialled her number by mistake six months back. They started to talk daily. He was not aware about her age or marital status. She didn’t reveal anything…the woman must be 60 years old,” said a local villager.

“Then one day, the boy decided to meet her at her place in Alopati Sukhrajhar area. He was so much in love. He visited her house and also ate telpitha. He was shocked when he saw her. He wanted to run away but the locals didn’t allow him to escape. He was thrashed and forced to marry her,” said another local villager.

The local villagers have now flocked into the boy’s house to “catch a glimpse” of the notun koina (new bride).

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