A Timeless Love letter

Miss Rose, a Tangkhul girl of Ngaprum  Khullen village in Ukhrul district, was gang raped for hours in the  house of Mr. R. Khasung in the night of 4 March 1974 by the officers of  95 Border Security Force. Rose committed suicide on 6 March 1974. She  wrote a suicide note in Tangkhul language to her boyfriend. That suicide  note was translated into Manipuri, and it was published at a  publication of the Pan Manipur Youth League in 1993. The Manipuri  version of the note was again translated into English by Ms. R.K.  Smejita

“A Timeless Love letter” written by a Tangkhul Rape victim ( A  publication of the Pan Manipur Youth League in 1993 – Translated to  English ) Source: AFSPA 1958, CPDM 2010.

Most beloved…

In a world seeded with envy, our love shall never bloom  together like those lovely flowers in the same stalk but we will bloom  radiantly in that pure everlasting place of our true love. That I am  leaving this world should not bereaved you to utter melancholy. A life  driven by gale of sorrow and unrequited words mortify my soul and leave  me to choose only this lone way. For the days to come, we made promises  to be one and together in our lifelong journey. But oh! My love I could  not make for that moment! Oh! My life none is there to receive your lot.  What a pity! Oh! My vanquished soul every second bears the brunt of  bereaved feelings, bringing me to the threshold of defeat. Even the  tears which flow like an eternal spring now dries up. Those tears were  the only image of my life. I will be remembering in those looming  darkness of hell the tale of you and I. From dust to dust let this body  embrace its birthplace; let the earth dissolves my remains. Oh! How  enviable for that last glance, to see one last time of my image in your  eyes, but alas! Fate deceives me at this last hour. I choose my own  disgraceful death and lo! I will walk as an outcast forever. My love  when you remembers me, turn your eyes to those darkest horizon for I  reside forever in the abyss of darkness. There, you will find me  treading all alone with a heavy sigh of regrets in that long darkness.

Love of my  life! Feeling of sweet remembrance of those long hearty laughs and  sharing each other woes fills my memory. At the dead of this night, far  from here my love a deep slumber will be taking you to pleasant dreams.  My last wish to see your visage shall ever remain unfulfilled as you are  far from me… far across these ranges of hills.

For  my lovely friends, though I am unable to write each a parting letter I  plead to you to tell them my last farewell. In this early morning, I am  glancing over the distance of your lovely place Bungpa. Remember, my  love how I wish to shower all my feelings and love, all I have for you  like a cascade flowing down in your ocean of love. Have you ever  received the letter I sent to you on 6-2-73? What could have happened  for not returning any reply from your side? I have waited long and I am  still waiting, but at the moment life steals away stealthily. Why and  how did we ever get parted will only be known after you escape from this  world. Oh Hell! Oh! Abyss of Darkness! I loathe going that dark  passage. No one shall ever know who betrays whom. The secret is entombed  forever.

The life  of a maiden dries up from blooming into a lovely flower and lays in the  heathen… unadorned, unaccepted, untouched. Only regrets on my part for I  am choke with words which I unable to tell you everything at this  moment. What remains of the sad tale I will narrate to you closely in  another lifetime, in another eternity. I will end with this note my  love! That the only words that erupt from the truest, innermost part of  me is the saddest part of our parting, the story of our failure to be  together again.

Your Rose.


Many Naga women have fallen prey in the hands of the Indian Armies.  There are many undocumented cases of assaults, tortures, rapes and  killing of innocent Naga women. *Here are some of the few documented  cases:

  1. Mass rape committed by the Indian troops against women residents of  Cheswezy village on 9 December 1970, where 18 girls and 9 married women  were raped and 53 women molested.
  2. The animal passion of the Indian army personnel that fell upon the  female population of Mao Songsong town and Shajaoba village women on 24  July 1971 left with several women raped and molested.
  3. In Ukhrul area, Ms. Rose of about 19 years from Kumram (Ngaprum)  village committed suicide. She was gang-raped by two Indian paramilitary  officers, namely, Dy. Comdt. Pundir and Asst. Comdt. Negi of the 95 Bn  Border Security Force on 4 March 1974 in front of the helpless village  elders who were kept at bay at gun point.
  4. The villagers brought Miss. Angai, a 24-year-old girl from Grihang  village, in a near-dying condition. She had been tortured and gang-raped  for three continuous days from 3-5 March 1974 by an armed group of the  95 Bn. Border Security Force personnel under the command of Dy. Comdt.  Prakash. On the third day she was dragged to the school building where  the other villagers had been rounded up. She was dragged by her hair to  the classroom, kicked, beaten and stripped. Sticks were forced into her  private parts causing profuse bleeding.
  5. Again on the evening of 6 March 1974 at about 18:00 hrs, Mrs. APao  and Ms. AShin of Grihang village were taken away by two Indian soldiers  under the order of Dy. Comdt. Dharam Prakash. They were taken a mile  away from the village. One soldier took Mrs. APao into a jungle from the  main road, forcibly removed all her garments at gun point, pulled her  hair and, after beating severely, raped her. The other soldier took Ms.  AShin and repeated the same beastly act.
  6. Two Indian army officers assaulted Ms. Luingamla of Ngainga village  on 24 January 1986 and, when she resisted their beastly behavior, she  was shot dead at point blank range.


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