How Wonderfully you bloom! casting bright over the dark.
Darkness has no authority to crush your light.
Shining brightly all alone! Yet lonesome never bark.
All the creation look up to you and their heart shines to ignite.
Oh Amazing Love! How I wish I could shine like you;
I became the accuse of my smile compared to you.

So nigh and bright at midnight! Like a Diamond on a ring.
Of all milky stars, you are the most adoring.
Why have you never blinked? Energizing with sunshine.
Human decree and their faith relent but you never doubt to shine.
Oh Beautiful moon! You overcome all puzzling test;
I see the calmness of blue heavens, searching your quest.

Hide my burden, take away my pain and lid my candle.
A million times brighter than the souls of sinful heart.
How enchanting are you! A lover of lost souls heart.
I shall always bow before the throne of your mighty creator.
Oh my dearie Darl! Consume my love to let it flow;
I’ll Surmount my fear like a firefly to give a glow.

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