"God will surely make a way Where there seems to be no way" Love and gentle hug awaits for youAnd soon, you'll be home.Soon, you'll travel home.


A crowded street has heard a pin drop
And, The streetlights has no use now
Everyone is on Holiday but found no joy
And, The long road leads you to nowhere safe

Sun ignored shining and stars stopped twinkling
Our world is in silence and in deep chaos
People has panic attacks by fear
Our world is tortured and help is far away

But by now:
You know the expenses of bread upon caviar
You know the comfort of boxer over tuxedo
You know the pain of what Ignorance felt like
You know the importance of social life
You know the purpose of life than dreams
You know the difference of needs and wants
You know the joy of giving rather than taking
You know the value of love before money
You know who you are and your worth

God distanced and cries unheard
In times like this situation

Hate and greed has killed the one in need
And grave follows you
Coz, 'I' replaced 'WE'

Postcards and Letters never comes by
But, Your love dances in my heart
Everyone has a home and reasons to come back
But, you're stuck miles away in no man's land

Sun will shine brighter and stars will twinkle
Our world shall awake and swipe the dirt away
People will dance and sing louder
Our world shall rise and we'll build up together

Only if:
We support the society and abide the law
We create and share happiness when we can't find one
We help the needy and lend a helping hand
We live for others and keep 'Self' aside
We stop dump dreaming and start working
We be content and stop wanting more
We be more thankful for what we already have
We let love light our soul till it burns our heart
We submit to God and pray deep

"God will surely make a way
Where there seems to be no way"

Love and gentle hug awaits for you
And soon, you'll be home.
Soon, you'll travel home.