I Wish

I Wish

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How I wish
to have wings like Hawks
Flying high above the sky
And dive deep rivers

To be free from all worries and burdens
I wish to be fed with silver-spoon
So as to enjoy the luxuries of the world

I wish I had a better life
Rather than judging mere adversity
With every consequences
I could've forgotten and let go of

Each day I wish to find love
Coz, I'm tired fighting for vengeance

If I have one dying wish,
I would buy back lost departed souls
And a supremacy of healing power,
I will heal all dying patient instantly
For death and pain is so fearful.

If wishes comes alive
I wish to turn back time
And start all over again...

I forgot the genuine wish of God:
"The very free gift of life;
The breath each day God puts on us."

I felt nakedly shameful
For living inside my own fantasy.
I felt very much sorry
For not Thanking enough.

The Man Who Traded His Wife
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The Man Who Traded His Wife

“All these years, my dearest, you know how much I love you. But because I couldn’t bear to see you and our children go hungry, I bartered your life with the king. I sacrificed you for our children, for us”.

The Monkey and the Barking Deer - Zeme Folktale
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