Sad little girl- An elegy

Sad little girl- An elegy


I remember you , sad little girl ;
Oh', how I know you so well ?
Did you not had such a melancholic face ?
An innocent, yet sad looking face;
That even the devil would shy from you ?

In a world of turmoil, you grew up .
Familiar with griefs untold.
In pain and despair; quietly you hung your head.
In the deepest agony of your soul,
you quietly surrendered yourself.

You looked unassuming and naive,
That your moves often took people by surprise.
In a world, where you had not seen a miracle,
You prayed for one .
In the hallway of that darkness,
Your bended tiny knees cried for a miracle.

Your dreams though seemingly unreal,
Within the four corners that held your world;
Days of misery and nightmares passed by.
In a world that had not known happiness;
Joy seemed so transient that betrayed your smile.

Yet, you had faith that could not be contained;
In the sad little world that held your soul.
Though people you loved, lie buried and cold ;
Part of your world lay in the grave, forgotten.
Yet, your prayers took you away ,
To a world that you built in your mind.

To breathe freely, to laugh heartily;
To walk boldly, to hold your head high.
You trod upon the unfamiliar  path ,
In your quest to be the best version of yourself.

Oh' what pain you went through?
What griefs you held in that tiny heart?
I'm grateful, you chose not to let go ;
For I'm that woman you dreamt of .
you brought her into a world ;
that you once dreamt of.

I promise you, little girl ; that I would not fail you .
I would trust the Father above , as you did.
Who gave you dreams and visions.
I promise to fulfill your dream,
In the pursuit of the best version of you.

                                                     - Lira