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The Princess and the Political Agent by Binodini (translated from Manipuri by L Somi Roy)

Sanatombi is fierce, unruly, defiant and independent. Sanatombi is the eldest child and daughter of Maharaja Surchandra of Manipur. As a child , Sanatombi is favoured by her grand queen mother ,Maharani Kumudini. The grand queen mother recognised the boldness in Sanatombi and never stopped her from becoming who she wants

Stories of the past: Recalling our ancestors in Chansa Makan’s Living Ghosts and Other Uncanny Stories | Book Review

Living Ghosts and Other Uncanny Stories (2020) is a semi-fiction book by Chansa Makan. This book is a collection of folktales, legends and real life stories interlaced with eerie and chilling narratives. It has seven uncanny stories where one of them is a series.
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