I’m not here to condemn anyone nor any authority. I’m just sharing my opinion on behalf of North east brother and sister as a concern Citizen of India. Utilizing my Right to Freedom of speech and expression under Article 19, guaranteed and provided by the supreme law inscribed in the Indian constitution.

Today the world is busy fighting this pandemic disease known as the ‘novel corona virus’ and yet, the humble citizens from north east living and residing in metropolitan cities are facing a deadlier virus called ’RACISM’ as well.  And this is not a new crisis which got incorporated with the arrival and spread of novel corona virus for north east people or for people in general who don’t share the physical appearance with that of Indo-Aryan. To trace back the history will be unending for e.g. Jews in Germany, Africans in America etc.

Does the appearance north east people resemble the face of corona virus?  No, They are assuming how the face of corona looks like, corona doesn’t have a face and does not discriminate any race, colour etc.

Do north east people really bring this virus to India? No,Mr. Nag, a daily wager stated that this virus is brought by the rich people who went abroad. (The Hindu date 22).  

But why should we debate about who brought the virus? it is inevitable. The main concern here is unseen tears, unheard voices, cyber threat, verbal abuse, harassment, discrimination face by north east people in different parts of India, all the facts data are available on social media.

One of the many incidents worth mentioning here is, a girl from Manipur in North Delhi was verbally abuse and spit pan on her face as if she is the corona virus. This behaviour is unacceptable in today’s world where people in the rest of the world is striving for equality and unity to make a better environment for us to live in.

Now, the question arise where are the culprit? Will the person in authority stay and hide behind their huge chair and stay blind to these inhuman acts? Are higher authority taking any action against them? If yes, Are there any changes? Are there any transparency? According to my opinion these people are the real enemy which reeks and rebel against out sacred constitution and they should be punished. People from NE states come to the cities in search of better education and better life and yet they are treated with animosity and hatred.

For how long do the people of northeast have to endure this pain while the ignorant feed themselves with their hate toward the people of NE ? Which virus do we have to fight “ Covid-19” or “Racism”? At this juncture we don’t know what to do? Many in the cities are students and workers depending on their monthly meagre income. Now, the question is what should we do? Shall we stay or go home? How are we traveling home? How are we going to survive without salaries? How are we going to pay our rent? How are we going to buy our daily needs?............. while far away from home sweet home we north east people are distressed. Are we really safe here in this epidemic period? One irresponsible activity is worth mentioning here during ’Janata curfew’ 22nd march 2020 people observed this as a festival of gathering. Shall we called them civilized or ethical people?