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Presenting a Sweet and Salty Platter of Being Naga

Well, to begin with, you don't have to pay taxes (which is the sweet part). How awesome is that! But you're still somehow broke. Because you still pay taxes...nevermind.


I’m not here to condemn anyone nor any authority. I’m just sharing my opinion on behalf of North east brother and sister as a concern Citizen of India. Utilizing my Right to Freedom of speech and expression under Article 19, guaranteed and provided by the supreme law inscribed

Homecoming and Development: Voices from the Ground

A Sunday afternoon walk in the main street of Ukhrul HQ from DC office to Police Bazaar is quite refreshing, with fewer vehicles on the spacious blacktop street as compared to other working days. But it is almost no different from walking in the streets of Delhi as the entire

My Encounter as a Naga Far Away from Home

I am what I am today because of the sun that shine above me, the water, air, food, and people who call ourselves as Nagas. Sadly, most of our Nagas face identity issues.

Time for Wisdom and Prayer

In two instances as recorded in the Gospels, Jesus foregoes Sabbath laws to save lives. This does not mean that Jesus stopped to observe Sabbath laws nor was it a disrespect for the laws. The acts of Jesus angered some humans in the form of the high priests but not God.

Naga-Kuki conflict: The search for definitions

Dr. Tuisem Ngakang Once in an academic discussion in Jawaharlal Nehru University, a  noted historian from the northeast stated that the Kukis and the Nagas  are traditional enemy, this was resented by some young Naga scholars and  make the historian to retract his statement.  It is true that despite  the

Election, Candidates and King Solomon

The political drama that is unfolding as election approaches is  fascinating. The question of who will get the party ticket and the  hullabaloo associated with it was also intriguing. But with the  fascination and the intrigue also comes concern. The concern is about  the choice of our candidates and our
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