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How this man is trying to save a traditional music instrument | Tingteila

"Back in the old days, our grandparents used to leisurely play the tingteila in their free time and the music was something else." Ningmaso Awungshi of Shangching Village recounts as he smears water on the stings of his tingteila bow. Seated on the elevated floor in his spacious kitchen, the

The Forest And Its People: A Story of Dailong Village

This is a short story of Dailong Village, Tamenglong, Manipur which has been a pioneer village for conservation work in Tamenglong District. The short documentary is an effort to showcase the cultural history of the Rongmei Nagas, and the problems and sacrifices made by the community to start a first

This Video of Sumi Naga Community Fishing has over 1 million views - Watch Now

Community fishing is an integral part of Naga culture. This practice doesn't wipe out even a single organism in the river. It does not affect them. It is simply a traditional practice using bark of a certain tree which is crushed and washed in the water so that fishes will

In Pictures: Feast of Merit at Ungma 1947

This account of Feast of Merit at Ungma 1947 is extracted from Mildred Archer's Diary dated 9th October 1947. Yesterday we went to a Feast of Merit in Ungma village. It was the third day, the climax of the celebrations, when the mithan is sacrificed at night. We went at

In Pictures: Chingmei warriors dance at Tuensang 1947

As I watched I felt sad and depressed for this is the swan song of a culture which will surely die. The opening of the new subdivision will be the first step in killing this way of life for without headtaking the warrior will have no further function.

I am the land and the land is me

We have a sacred responsibility to care for the land. Land belongs to me and I belong to land, I am the land and the land is me, we are inseparable!

The Traditional Musical Instruments of Tangkhul

The musical instruments of Tangkhuls are not younger than the music itself. The Tangkhuls are music loving people; they used different musical instruments for different purposes. Everything has its own time and musical instruments are play according to time and season. The musical instruments of the Tangkhuls can be broadly
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