This Video of Sumi Naga Community Fishing has over 1 million views - Watch Now

This Video of Sumi Naga Community Fishing has over 1 million views - Watch Now

Community fishing is an integral part of Naga culture.

This practice doesn't wipe out even a single organism in the river. It does not affect them.

It is simply a traditional practice using bark of a certain tree which is crushed and washed in the water so that fishes will become unconscious momentarily; and that's how we catch fishes. This is rather done or enforced in order to save environment from getting diluted with all kinds of poisonous chemicals used in fishing in the past. We must appreciate this people for practicing eco-friendly fishing style.

This river is a community owned river where use of fishing bombs, battery or generators, bleaching powder is completely banned. They will organize community fishing day once or twice in a year, on that day everyone young and old come to river with fishing nets and other traditional made catch equipment but other than those days, fishing here is totally prohibited.

The part 1 of the video uploaded by YouTube Channel Lungleng Talk 3 years ago has already crossed 1 million views on YouTube.

And here's Part 2 of Community fishing video with over half a million views on YouTube.

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