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URA UVIE - Macnivil (Official Music Video) out now

Macnivil is out with his latest music video Ura Uvie and its streaming o YouTube. “URA UVIE” is a term coined by the legendary Naga Leader AZ Phizo and its meaning translates as “This Land is Mine” or “Our Land Belongs To Us”. The song reverberates issues that many may

Demystifying "Lack of Political Will": Message by Gam A. Shimray on the 13th Anniversary of the UNDRIP

Indigenous Brothers and Sisters, here is an important video message demystifying “Lack of Political Will” by Gam A. Shimray

The Forest And Its People: A Story of Dailong Village

This is a short story of Dailong Village, Tamenglong, Manipur which has been a pioneer village for conservation work in Tamenglong District. The short documentary is an effort to showcase the cultural history of the Rongmei Nagas, and the problems and sacrifices made by the community to start a first

Watch: Racial Discrimination in Times of COVID-19 in India| NSA Panel Discussion

Watch the video of Naga Scholars' Association's panel discussion on 'Racial Discrimination in Times of COVID-19 in India' held on 29th May, 2020 ABSTRACT Fights for racial discrimination have been going on since the time North East people started moving out of their regions to metro cities of India for

This Video of Sumi Naga Community Fishing has over 1 million views - Watch Now

Community fishing is an integral part of Naga culture. This practice doesn't wipe out even a single organism in the river. It does not affect them. It is simply a traditional practice using bark of a certain tree which is crushed and washed in the water so that fishes will

Video: Debunking Racial Attacks on Northeasterners| COVID-19

With the outbreak of Coronavirus epidemic in China, the Mongoloid feature people from the Northeast India have not been spared by many people in India. Cases of physical attacks, eviction orders from the landlords, banning of entry in grocery stores have been widely reported. Follow Lungleng Talk on Facebook and
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